Sunlight through the woods

Sunlight through the woods, 20"X16", Oil on linen, $345

I love painting the long shadows of trees. This was in the morning, when the sunlight is very yellow. The snow in the shadow looks even more blue.  I am happy that I was able to achieve the sense of perspective, by the receding woods and their corresponding shadows in the distance.

This was a smaller study done first, before I created the larger painting above.

Sunlight through the woods, 10" X 10" X 1", Oil on canvas, $65

Winter pond and tree

Winter pond and tree
 20" X 16", Oil on linen canvas, $375

When you paint from nature, i.e. en plein air, you can observe many more details than a photograph. I have learnt to see so much more. 

In this painting, the foreground snow and tree, middle ground lake and background trees are clearly defined.

 The foreground is defined by the use of thick paint for the snowy ground, and the tree trunks.  

The lake and accompanying slope of the land in middle ground is depicted by the flatness of water and diagonals of banks of melting snow.

The hugeness of the tree is contrasted by the smaller distant trees.

The subtle color of the tree trunk in the foreground, which is not too dark and not too light, was the trickiest for me. I had to show the tree both in light and shadow. I did not want the main trunk too dark, but also I wanted it to stand out from the background landscape.

In the photograph, the tree looks very dark and sky looks too blue

Painting in the snow

Painting in progress

A photograph of the scene

Lake reflections

Lake reflections
 10" X 10", Acrylic on canvas
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This realistic looking lake painting has an airy feeling to it. One can breathe the mountain atmosphere.

The colors are natural fall colors. The pond is set at eye level and you can see reflections in the water.

The bright green grass, the red orange trees  and all the different  blue greens create a colorful harmony of colors

Pond reflections

Pond reflections
10" X 10", Acrylic on canvas
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This is a semi abstract pond painting. The horizontal and vertical lines create a patchwork design effect. It gives more definition and abstract quality to the artwork. This work was inspired by artwork of artist Paul Klee.

I also divided the composition vertically using the strong orange and green. The bright red amid the variety of greens creates a nice contrast.  The busy pond is full of waterlily pads diminishing in size with the distance. This adds to the linear perspective.

The whole painting is focussed more on design. It certainly isn't realism. I would term it more playful, creative and imaginary.

Neighborhood house in early morning light

Neighborhood house in early morning light
10"X 10", oil on canvas, $75

 Shadows play a large part in conveying the feeling of depth. I was attracted to the shadow of the tree falling on the side of the house. It was a sunny morning and I wanted to capture the light as fast as possible. It was painted in my studio looking out from my window.

Neighborhood house in winter

Neighborhood house in winter,
12" X 12", Oil on board, $80

I painted this yesterday. Looking out from my studio window> This house and tree make a perfect subject anytime, any season. The March 14th Noreaster deposited 18 inches snow in one day. The snow started early morning and by the time I started painting, the houses and trees were already covered in snow. 

Fashion show

Fashion show, 20" X 16", Acrylic on canvas, $500

This painting is part of a series of paintings that are purely imaginative.