Winter shadow

Winter shadow, 6" X 6", Oil/canvas, $144 unframed
Winter shadow,  Oil/canvas, $225 framed 12" X 12"

Winter light

Winter light, 6" X 6", Oil/canvas, $144 unframed

Backyard snow

Backyard snow, 6" X 6", Oil/canvas, $144 unframed

Golden light

Golden light, 6" X 6", Oil/canvas, $144 unframed

Beyond the fence

10" X 10",  Oil/linen,  Framed to 12" X 12" , $260

Houses create an interesting shadow pattern in the early afternoon light.  I don't have a beautiful garden, but I am happy to enjoy the overflowing bounty from my neighbor's backyard. 

Winter morning shadows

Winter morning shadows, 10" X 10" X 1 3/4", Oil/canvas

Boats in Nantucket

Boats in Nantucket, 10" X 10", o/l
I visited Nantucket with my family last summer. The island is surrounded by beauty everywhere you look. These rowboats were docked in one of the alleys near the main town area.

Initial sketch from reference photograph
Design notes
The water looks green under the shadows of the little houses on the pier. A good contrast to the red boat.
I sketched the scene from my photo reference. After this, I made some compositional changes, mainly I reduced the space between the boats so there is an overlap. I simplified the background poles and logs, so the focus is on the boats. The ripples in the foreground water add a nice path for the viewer to enter the painting.