Painting from inspiration


Before leaving home, for my daughter's first day of preschool, I had quickly put in my bag -  a camera, a sketch pad, pencil, paints, brushes, and a water bottle. First day of preschool is a big day for both daughter and mom. I was nervous for her, but at the same time enthusiastic to use the extra time at hand. After dropping her and saying good bye,  I walked across from her school to the West Parish Garden Cemetery. It was not the most perfect weather for painting, it was cloudy, not the typical blue skies . I took notes from the scene of the water lily pond, sitting and observing the patterns in water.  I did not paint, but mostly recorded my observations. This is one of the pictures I took that day. 

I did not realize, the grass was wet and my shoes/socks were completely soaked. I returned home after about an hour. I wanted to finish an autumn themed abstract painting. I had already started it a few days back but was not satisfied with it so far. I started changing it to make it more like the pond scene, just more colorful.  

Pond by West Parish Garden Cemetery (SOLD)

I concluded, it looks beautiful. The color harmony seems to work. The lily pads are popping out and seem to float over the water.


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