Bhavani Krishnan : My favorite artist for Artist Appreciation month

A little while ago I was reminded by Patience Brewster that August is Artist Appreciation Month.  If you’re not familiar with her work, Patience is the sole designer of the intricate and beautiful Christmas ornaments her self-named company creates. While her work is of note, I find my inspiration elsewhere for my bold colors and loose style. 

I am really fond of  work by artist Bhavani Krishnan (

Bowled out
'Bowled out'  by Bhavani Krishnan
There is some magic in her paintings, they arouse a certain emotion. The colors are brilliant, harmonies are perfect and the drawing is accurate. Her painting 'Bowled out', was the one that made me reach out to her and find out more about her art. She loves to take in as much as she can from books. She even recommended names of few good art books to me. 
I hope you will visit her website. I am sure you will enjoy looking at her artwork.