Fall tree at Rolling Ridge, Sold

Lake Cochichewick, View from Rolling Ridge, 20" X 20", Sold
A beautiful fall day, rustling leaves and sparkling sunlight on the lake. I get carried away by such beauty. It is my good fortune to paint this and so many other beautiful scenes of nature.
The orange and red leaves speckled on the lacy tree branches grab your attention while the lovely purple colored bushes underneath quietly whisper something in your ears. It is a visual poem and I am certain it will take your breath away every time you look at it.

* Title - Lake Cochichewick, View from Rolling Ridge
* Dimensions -20 inches X 20 inches X 1 3/8 inches
* The surface is textured with a matte finish.
* The 1 3/8 inches deep sides are painted black
* No Framing needed. It is ready to hang with wire on back