West Parish Meadow

West Parish Meadow, 10" X 10", o/l

Andover, Massachusetts has many trails spread around the town. As a resident, I and my family really enjoy walking these beautiful areas. The West Parish Meadow trail is very close to where I live. It opens up into a small pond. You can see the meadow that lies beyond the pond. What fortune to have an open natural field near my house.
I plan to visit this more often in future.

I studied John F Carlson’s book Carlson’s guide to Landscaping painting. In this composition, I pay special attention to the foreground.  The sloping grass, receding bushes, and shadows all contribute to the three-dimensional effect. One cannot help but get pulled into the scene. The house acts as a secondary focal point and gives relief from the colorful foliage.

Sketch from reference photo and imagination