Red and White

Red and White, framed, 13.5" X 13.5", oil/linen, Framed 

This painting was inspired by a picture I took near the Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center in North Andover, Massachusetts. The sunlit red and white house is surrounded by tall evergreens and it is the focal point of this painting. 
Houses in New England are a favorite subject because of their distinct geometry and contrast with surrounding trees and bushes. 
I started this painting by first drawing the shapes and painting in a loose manner. As the painting progressed, I applied thicker paint using the palette knife. As you can see, a myriad of pure saturated colors has been applied towards the final layers. 
This painting is framed in an off-white wooden frame. It creates a nice calm border around the much more colorful scene.

Red and white, 10" X 10", Oil/linen